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Innovative Lighting Solutions

Flicker-Free LED which is similar to sunlight. It’s gentle on the eye and reducing visual fatigue. Giving your dark cabinets and closets the illumination that they deserve.


Lighting Solutions For Life

No More Fumbling For Light Switches

Soft light protect vulnerable eyes from suddenly ambient lighting change meanwhile bright enough to see the surroundings. Specially tailored for people who easily wake up at night.


Illuminate Your Focus

Manufactured by GreatStar since 2011, the EverBrite® commitment has been to lead the way with providing our customers with innovative LED lighting solutions at a competitive value. As the largest hand tool manufacturer in Asia, our diverse variety of products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. Our high quality products are reliable and suited for daily use whether in the home or for any outdoor activity. From simply taking your dog for an evening walk to unforeseen emergency situations there is a lighting solution within our product line. We strive to be your preferred brand for highly affordable LED lighting products and will continue pursuing this brand ideal for years to come.

Good quality for the price. I've bought a lot of products I need from EverBrite and they've been great, and I've never been disappointed. Would definitely recommend this brand.

Chris Rivers

I really like EverBrite, it has unparalleled ability in identification and lighting to meet my needs!


I use it for work, I search for all types of bags and items, it's light weight, but the straps are big enough that I don't have to struggle to take it off and it can clip into my pants On a shirt, EverBrite frees my hands.

Randall M. Rueff

Small but bright, only use one battery. I will be bringing this little flashlight on my next camping/ hiking trip. Very happy with the product and I really like it.